Amoylily is taking customization of t-shirts to another level. With their new and innovative t-shirt design app, this company is giving its customers a chance to create and design their own t-shirts wherever they are and whenever they want a custom-made t-shirt. Apps for t-shirt design are no so common today and Amoylily is leading the way to ensure that all t-shirt lovers and those who want to have t-shirts made and designed according to their tastes and preferences have the ability to do so through this innovative design a shirt app. Here are interesting features about the amoylily t-shirt design app:

Easy to use

The app is easy to use and you do not need any training to be able to use it. You can change the color of your t-shirt, change the print and even the size of the t-shirt by using the t-shirt design app. You can make all your adjustment on your t-shirt and see it before sending it to the printers who will check it out before starting the printing process.

Preview feature

The app allows you to preview what you are doing. This means that every time you create or change an element on the t-shirt, you can preview it and make the right adjustment. Additionally, before you can finally submit your t-shirt design to the amoylily professionals to start the printing process, you can check out your t-shirt and make sure that it is what you want it to be.

The zoom feature

The app has the zoom feature that you can use to make changes to your t-shirt before you send it to the printing professionals. You can zoom in to check out the small details you want to include on your t-shirt print and give your design a perfect finish.

Save/load feature

The app allows you to save your t-shirt design and upload it at a later time. This is meant to give you room to exhaust your creativity and ensure that you get the t-shirt design you have been longing for. You can save and come back to complete your design and then send it by uploading it to the official website where the professionals will take it process the order and start printing it. Once it is complete the shipping process starts from there.

The t-shirt design app allows you to add text, add image and any other element you may want to include in your custom t-shirt. It is a very useful app that gives users the power to design, see and track their t-shirt orders.