Creating your own t shirt is now easier and fast than ever before. Whether you want to make your own t-shirt design with your picture, logo or text on it, you can just do that thanks to Amoylily. This is an online t-shirt printing company that allows you to create your own t-shirt design online, make changes to it and get the t shirt printed by professionals and later shipped to your location.

One of the best things that Amoylily has offered to its customers is a t-shirt design tool that is easy to use and very effective when it comes to making your own t-shirt design. Here are reasons how this tool is revolutionizing the way custom made t-shirts are designed:

Editing of your t-shirt design

You first choose the t-shirt size you want then the tool displays the t-shirt for you to start the designing and editing process. You can change the color of the t-shirt depending on what you want. The tool provides a color scheme for you to choose a suitable color for your t-shirt. The area where you are allowed to edit is presented like a box. You can write text or a log on the area, increase or decrease the fonts to suit your taste and preference.

Add image

If you want to have a picture or your image on the t-shirt, the tool allows you to do so. All you got to do is to upload the image straight from your computer files and then ensure that it fits on the designated area. The tool allows you to make changes to the image to ensure that you get what you want. You can zoom for clarity, preview the product, toggle and make the necessary changes to your design. You can also add text under the image to personalize the t-shirt further.

Save your work

Once you have made the necessary changes, the tool allows you to save your work. You can come back and complete your design later or if you are sure of what you have done and want to print, you can easily load the finished work for printing. The tool also allows you to share your finished product on various social media platforms to let your friends have a look at what you are doing. Once you are through, you can load the t-shirt design for printing. Saving your work is important for reference just in case you do not get what you designed, you can let the printers know by showing them what you designed.

Quote and buy

After loading your t-shirt design for printing, the next step is to give the printer your details and then buy the item. This is essentially for shipping purposes and for ensuring that you get your custom made t-shirt within the shortest time frame.