If you are considering making your own team shirts, then you must be wondering where to start from. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to making custom team shirts, including, which garments, colors and images to choose, and whether you should include your team logo or crest in your design. Here are some important factors to consider:

Find a reputable clothe company

Since you want to make team shirts, you will require a large number of garments to meet the number of the team members and some of your supporters. You need to find a company that will supply you with the garments. You can visit a local company with a sketch of your design and let them give you quotations or simply go online and give the online store a design of what you want and let them supply you with the garments. When it comes to choosing the right company, ensure that you check out their portfolio and see what they can offer. You can also check out whether they are experienced in making team shirts or not.

Choose your garment wisely

After finding a good clothing manufacturer who will supply clothes to you, the next important part is choosing your garment. You can choose polo shirts, long sleeved or short sleeved shirts, sweatshirts just to mention but a few. When doing this, you need to ensure that the garments are manufactured using high quality and durable material. Cotton is the best material for shirts because of its versatility and easy to maintain properties.

Are you purchasing a full kit or shirts only?

If you are considering buying a full kit for your team and maybe some of your fans, you should think of other items that will go together with the team shirts. Many clothing manufacturers also supply customized hoodies, bags, sweatshirts, ties, jackets,mugs and many more. Therefore, think of including some of these items in your order to make the team look more appealing.


Shirts are normally sized according to the chest measurements. Shirts are not like t-shirts that go by sizes; small, medium, large and extra-large; you must take actual measurements of all the team members to enable the manufacturer make the right shirt sizes. This will reduce the chances of some of the team members getting small or big sized shirts.

Know the number of shirts to order

You need to order an exact or a larger number of shirts for your team members. This will ensure that you are given a discount and that you get a better price for the shirts as well since you will be buying in bulk.

When it comes to making your team shirts, you need to create your unique t-shirt design, choose the right color and then get the services of a professional who will create elegant and stylish shirts for your team members.