Making your own keep calm shirt can be an exciting, creative activity and can even be your part time income earner only if you learn and follow the right tips. Whether you intend to design the shirt yourself or simply seek the services of a professional printer, you will need to consider a number of factors. Here are tips to help you make your own keep calm shirt:

Plan your design

Who said that a keep calm shirt should only have simple words on it? You can change the t-shirt design to showcase a personal illustration or drawing as long as it has the words “keep calm” on it. You need to, however, focus on how the design will look on the shirt. You should also think about how original the illustration is and how the colors will work with the original illustration. You can also use a photo in your design. This way you will give the design a personal and unique touch.

Pick the right color scheme

When making a shirt or a t-shirt, is essential to think about the color contrast. In other words, you need to think about how certain ink colors in the design will appear on a darker or lighter colored shirt. Some ink colors tend to look more vibrant on darker shirts on the computer screen than they actually look when they are printed. It is vital to note that when using lighter colored shirts, you should avoid colors like light pink, yellow or light blue. This should be emphasized especially when printing a shirt with a logo. Since you want the logo to be legible it is vital to consider this tip. Darker shirts look great with lighter ink colors; however, you need to be careful when using darker ink colors on dark colored shirts.

Balance your design

You need to balance your design by combining all the elements of the design to form a complete design. You should think about how to make the design look organized so that all the elements or parts fit well together. This tip is for those designs that have big and small elements. If your design is comprised of small and big letters or has other elements incorporated, you should ensure that all the elements are well balanced.

Determine the placement of the design on the shirt

You need to determine where to place your keep calm design. Some designs work better as a centered image, while others look better with a wraparound image. You can choose to either place the design at the back or front part of your shirt.

You can use the traditional keep calm design to make your custom shirt or tweak the design a little for uniqueness and style.