So, this is really cool to Make your own T-shirt Design because whether you have a clothing line or you are just starting out. I am going to show you guys how you can create your own t-shirt design by yourself at home and this is cool because you can save some money. You do not have to go hire somebody to design it for you, not saying that you shouldn’t go hire anybody but this is kind of cool to know this stuff, it’s a skill to have. Anyway, you can recreate the design, make a simple design to an attractive.

So, you can design your own t-shirt very easily in Photoshop. So first of all, you need to go to file then new and then you need to start you own canvas, and it is very important to start your canvas because if you don’t start your canvas up correctly or your new document out correctly. It can mess the design up in the long run and you could be wasting your time. So, you need to set it up correctly for the first time. So for example, if you have 14 by 19 inch shirt, on the right-hand side if its shows you pixels then you need to switch that to inches and make sure that the width is 14 inches. Further, you need to make the resolution 300 and obviously this is because the high quality shirt, we don’t need to be 72 resolution because that’s basically just for the web preview.

We are going to move forward here and now we are going to break the design piece by piece. So, essentially what will you have is the banner in the background nothing fancy, well it looks fancy but it’s doesn’t really not, and you will have the text to edit and paste in on your shirt. So, some text and a banner and then some cool colors but that’s like the last part and that’s actually the easiest part of my opinion. But some people don’t know how to use textures. Well, it’s not as difficult as you think. To add texture, create new folder and name it. Go to the T tool and add text and set font size and style and enlarge the text if you want to. Drag the text to wherever you want to put those words. So, this is not difficult it’s an easy thing that you can do. Now the text is set in place and that can be your clothing line name well it doesn’t matter. Next thing you need to create is the shapes for the banner this is the important part in my opinion. You will like making banners they’re awesome. So, we know that text set in place, banner set in place, now we need quality. You can also set the quality of the design.