Looney Tunes is one of the best creations of all time by Warner Bros. Some of its most popular cartoon characters include Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and Tweety Bird among others. It’s no wonder that many people would like to wear t-shirts printed with one or a few of these Looney Tunes characters. Making your own Looney Tunes t-shirt isn’t as difficult as you imagine.

Below is a summary of some of the steps that you can take to create a customized t-shirt.

Choose the Characters

First, you need to choose the Looney Tunes character(s) whose image you wish to print on the tee. Feel free to choose any number of characters, as long as they can fit the t-shirt well without making it appear too congested. Afterward, spend some time coming up with a plan. The plan needed here is for the actual design you wish to see on the t-shirt. The choice of design depends on several factors, including the message you wish to pass on.

Select the Appropriate Color Scheme

Next, pick a color scheme for the entire work. Designing any t-shirt without considering color contrast isn’t highly recommended. The color of the ink you choose should be based on whether the t-shirt is of a lighter or darker color. For lighter t-shirts, colors such as light pink, light blue, yellow and other types of pastel colors will not produce the required effect. On the other hand, pastel colors will not disappoint you when used on darker t-shirts.

When all is ready, choose the best place for the design on the t-shirt.

Create a Digital Image

Next, create a digital image of the t-shirt’s design. Improve the paper sketches with software such as Adobe Photoshop. If it seems desirable to you, do not hesitate to add some text to your design. Before you produce the final product, spend time creating a prototype. To do this, simply print your design on a plain shirt before ironing it properly. After doing this, you’re now ready to produce one or as many Looney Tunes customized t-shirts as you want.


You may screen print the design on your chosen t-shirt to create your own t-shirt. Gather all the supplies you need for this. Prepare the screen you need for printing and proceed with the actual printing. You may also stencil the design on your t-shirt. Apart from that, you can bleach-paint the design too. There is no shortage of ways through which you can design and print your favorite Looney Tunes characters to create a unique, customized t-shirt.